2012 Full ACFW Awards Gala Now Online!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

If you missed the live stream of the 2012 ACFW Awards Gala, you can watch it here.

The awards given were:
Agent of the Year
Editor of the Year
Mentor of the Year
Member Service Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
The Carol Award
The Genesis Award

The Genesis Contest is around minute 26. You can see me around minute 33 accepting the Genesis Award for Historical Romance. I'm still over the moon!

Since the conference, I've been busy writing my second book. I'm averaging about 2000 words a day and I'm really happy about that! I'm so excited about my work in progress, and for everything ahead.

“It’s a choice, writing is. One that belongs to you and me. We get to choose it (or not) every single day. So whether or not the world hears your message — whether you leave the impact you were born to make — is entirely up to you.”
― Jeff Goins

“Several factors besides skill are more significant in professional writers than in most amateurs. One is love of the surface level of language: the sound of it; the taste of it on the tongue; what it can be made to do in virtuosic passages that exist only for their own sake, like cadenzas in baroque concerti. Writers in love with their tools are not unlike surgeons obsessed with their scalpels, or Arctic sled racers who sleep among their dogs even when they don't have to”
― Alice W. Flaherty


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